Friday, February 17, 2012

One potato two potato three potato ....

My daughter wanted mashed potatoes but I didn't have enough of one type of potato to make mashed potatoes. So I decided to cook all three types together.  So here we have sweet, golden and russet mashed potatoes with beef country gravy.  Honestly they tasted so good.  Had a slight sweet taste to them.
Organic green beans were from my garden and the corn I cannot remember where I bought them. I needed to use them up so in they went. 

FREE Potatoes from my friend Theresa. THANKS!
$1.65 Natural Beef (I crumbled in food processor)
??? corn
FREE Organic Green Beans (from my garden)

Total=$1.65 give or take.
This is one of those dinners where I was using what I had.  I would rather get creative with the food than have it go bad and have to put it in the compost. I didn't figure in the milk, butter and such for the gravy. I was too tired to try to figure out how much one cup of milk was. We always have them in our fridge and it wouldn't add too much to the total anyways. 
Nah I'm just too lazy to do the calculations.  Forgive me. 

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