Friday, April 6, 2012

April Food Budget $142.92

I lost my I'm going on total memory here. Bare with me!
COSTCO-These chips are about $3.50 a bag. Each bag has 3lbs of chips. This is our junk food and will last us all month. Darigold sour cream is a local company to me.  The kids use the containers for projects and I use them for garden pots. Once done they are recycled. I'm guessing I spent $19.

Next we went to New Seasons. I spend around $20. I had Matzo ball soup today and want to try my hand at making it myself.  Pineapple was only 79 cents per pound so this is the girls fruit for their lunches this week.  Coffee...well that's a no brainer. On sale $9.99 a pound, local and organic. Cilantro and Parsley are only $1.49 each which saves me 50 cents. Whole Foods wanted $1.99 each. Woot for saving!

Whole Foods was having some great deals.  Oranges only .99 cents per lb, cucumbers $1.99 per lb, artichokes (drooling....) only 2/$3, organic bell peppers still 5/$5 and sweet potatoes are .99 cents a pound. Bell peppers will be chopped up and frozen so I can use them for a long time. They add such a fresh flavor to any dish. 

Brown Bow yogurt on sale $2.99 each which is a good deal.  Natural whole chickens were only $1.79 per lb so I snagged myself two of them.  One will be for Easter dinner and the other goes into the freezer.  I decided to pick up some organic whole wheat noodles as well. Usually I get mine from Trader Joe's but honestly I just wanted to go home. Salsa for the chips and a bag of cheese spread powder we want to try out.  Soy free, gluten free, organic....At .99 cents it was worth a try.

Pretzels...pretzels...pretzels...pretzel party at Jacks house!!!! Every time I buy pretzels I think of that damn Jack in the (crack as we call it) box commercial.  These are only $1.69 a bag so I snagged 4 for the whole month.  Girls love these in their lunches.  Organic milk of course and a bottle of olive oil for good measure. 

My friend Theresa gave me some more produce she couldn't eat up.  Thanks Theresa!! I enjoy the challenge of using up all the produce you give me.  Especially when I have no idea what it is lmao.  The stuff on the left I think is part of the kale family...dunno we will see.  My kids just love carrots when they still have the greens on them.  I think they think they are bunnies lol. 

So all in all it was a good grocery day.  Found some good deals and I only had one daughter with me so it was stress free. Woot!!!

Total bill=$141.92ish
I say ish because I can't find my receipts for everything.  And just because I thought this picture was funny....

This is what you get when you tell 7 year old twins they can pick their outfits.  This is also what you get when you tell 7 year old twins to be fashion girls.  No idea what Emma is doing here.  Having a heart attack? 
Megan... whats going on there? Seriously I don't know where these girls get their weirdness from......

Oh crap.  Never mind.  Forget I said that.  These girls are legend......wait for it......dary.  Awesome girls! Yeah that's it.

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