Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Shady lookin slugs

Hey you!

Shady looking slug...

 If you step one slimy part of your body in my garden, I promise war!

You hear me?

I promise you that!

Yeah that's what I thought.

Well you asked for it.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Here are a few great idea's to get rid of slugs.

You can go out in the dark and hunt them down with a flash light if you want. I might make fun of you though. Or give me a tasty beer and I will join you.

Slug eggs are translucent like fish eggs and usually are laid in clusters.  So if you see some remove them.

Buy some cheap beer, get yourself some empty yogurt cups ( individual serving size) and head on out to the garden.  Bury the yogurt cup making sure the surface of the dirt is level with the top of the yogurt cup. Pour the cheap beer (slugs are not picky drinkers) into the yogurt cup and leave.  Next morning go fishing for dead slugs in the beer.  Yes slugs are alcoholics! This beer will need to be replaced ever so often. Slugs actually are attracted to dead slugs.  When the yeast no longer smells, compost the contents and refill with beer.

Another option (expensive...trust me I know) is copper.  Its like a shocking fence to them! The copper needs to be at least 3 inches wide with no gaps between anywhere because they will sneak in and steal your riches! Or you can attach the copper (with copper nails or copper coated nails) to the top of your garden bed which is what I did. Also make sure no foliage is crossing the copper because the slugs will use it as a bridge.

But whatever you do, stay away from toxic powders, liquids or anything toxic. Especially if you have children or pets.

Now that your packed with lots of ammo, go get'em!

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