Monday, April 16, 2012

Beautiful blooms and April Food Budget $225.50

Look who came out to play!! I believe this is a Iceland Poppy. I have many poppy plants but I had no idea they were ready to boom yet.  It was a nice surprise.
I think they are Snowball...crud. I can't remember for the life of me what this is. I just love them!

Really love this plant for all the color it gives.


Tulips mean warm weather will soon be here.  So I welcome you tulips!

My flowering cherry tree is just amazing this year. I love the shape of this tree and how vibrant the white petals are.  The smell drifts into my house too.

A free fountain from my father in law turned into a nice hens and chicks planter.  Its filled out nicely this year and the girls wrote inspiring words on some rocks and sprinkled them in there. 

Last week my husband built this gate for the left side of the house.  I then stained it the best I could. 

Yesterday my husband built the second gate to match on the right side of the house. And then I stained it.  They both turned out so good.  Our last gates just about fell over because they were so old. This would of cost us several hundred dollars if we had someone build them.  In total we spent $250.

Last but not least we come to the April food budget. We have plenty of food so I just needed to get a few things.  Artichokes are 2/$3 so I had to get those. That was a no brainer! Grapes were $1.99 per lb so we will snack on those later.  I'm upset because my half n half went up in price by twenty cents! UURR!!! But it's still cheaper than most so I will stick with it. 

I spent only $32.23 because I used my $5 gift card Whole Foods gave me for volunteering Saturday.  I also rode my bike up to Whole Foods which saved me on gas.  I was able to buy so much because I used my new bike trailer my husband bought me.  No more backpack stuffed with groceries!! My back was very happy. 

In total for April so far=$225.50

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