Thursday, April 26, 2012

April Food Budget $304.28 and I'm bringing home the bacon!

Did you read that honey? I'm bringing home the bacon!!! Let me see I will not buy bacon unless it's the nitrate free kind. And since this stuff isn't cheap I will rarely buy it.  I can get bacon ends and pieces for only $2.99 per pound and do buy that on a regular basis.  Nothing better than bacon drippings! So today I picked up one pound of nitrate free bacon slices for only $4.99 per pound. Since tonight is pretty busy for us (soccer practice/choir concert)  I will be cooking the bacon tomorrow.  Don't tell him!

I also picked up a all natural hot dog. Yes you read that correct "a" meaning one hot dog. They are $5.99 per pound which is why I have not tried them yet.  So today I bought one for $1.75 just to try it out. Sometimes I use a cut up hot dog in our meals to add a yummy sausage type taste to the meal.  Most the time they are not organic but are 100% beef. I really would love to switch to a natural/organic/nitrate free hot dog. 

Another thing I am trying is the Bragg seasonings you see in the picture.  Its full of dried herbs and a great alternative to salt.  I am not a big fan of salt and lately my husband has been wanting to cut back on it. Hopefully this will work out for us. 

One more note-Organic broccoli is only $1.49 per pound.  I will use this for one of our dinners and keep the large stem for broth which I will make on another day.

Total for today is about $29.00
Total for the month of April is $304.28

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