Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April Food Budget $219.98

Just a quick post to add to my April food budget totals.  Were having friends over for dinner tonight so I planned on having a taco buffet sort of thing. They can pick and choose what they want to make. Only needed to get a few things so my food budget for this week was very low.  Woot!

New Seasons
Organic lettuce was 2/$3 which is a great deal.  Organic Roma's only $1.99, organic green onions only .99 cents and ground 10% fat all natural beef only $5 for a pound. Black olives were $1.89 which was cheaper than getting them bulk.  Not bpa free that I could find but all natural with low sodium and no weird add In's.  Normally don't buy these but need them for taco's.
Spent $12.15

Swung by to see if they had any green tag stuff for sale and I'm glad I did.  They have free range vegetarian fed brown egg's $1 for a dozen!!! Will boil up 2 dozen for snacks n such and the other two will be used for the dog and breakfast. The eggs are dated to go bad in a week so I'm sure I will get creative with them.  For a buck you just cannot go wrong. Also picked up some knockwurst dogs for $2.99 which was half price. Hubby & kids love these. Banana's are spotted and only 38 cents per lb. They are much sweeter and my girls will only eat spotted ones. Which saves me money of course!
Spent $14.56 (saved 61% woot!)

April food budget grand total=$219.98
Rock on!

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