Sunday, April 15, 2012

I can see clearly now the rain has gone

Girls should be laying anytime now. Please hurry!

Bleeding heart I planted last year. It was a marked down plant because they stopped flowering. This tip saves you a lot of money on plants.
My grandmother's wild bleeding hearts are so beautiful! Love how tiny and delicate they are.

Tulips are blooming and they make my coop look even more colorful.
My flowering cherry tree is finally blooming.  Mr.Hummingbird is so happy!

My neighbor gave me some old wooden planters so I put bulbs and perennials into them.  There is always something blooming in them. Extra wood makes a good art canvas for my girls.
Another free planter and a wire pot stand which was free from a different neighbor.  Frog was something I picked up from my Grams place.  I love all the color going on here.

My pear tree has blossoms but don't think I will get any fruit this year since I transplanted them last year.  So I'll just enjoy the beauty this year.

The girls were playing outside all day yesterday since it was warm out.  Love these moments.

And then this happens. Why they choose to pose this way? I have no idea.  But its interesting to say the least. 
Staining this fence today and will share some pictures of the garden. Stay tuned....

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