Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Be proud of what you have Part 1

I was thinking the other day about how our kitchen cabinets tell a lot about who you are. Some would be ashamed of theirs but i'm proud of mine. Yes most my items are old, and 2nd hand but I searched high and low for them. I love everything I own. Take a peek at mine.Notice anything? Old Tupperware? Yep, im in love with it. The kids love them because of the bright colors, I love them because they were cheap and on another life with us. On the right are Ikea adult dishes.Very budget friendly. I would use Tupperware but my husband wouldnt have it. lol. Bowls with lids to get my kids into drinking their milk after they eat their cereal. Pizza plates to make pizza night more fun. On the top shelf are Tupperware triangle spice containers. I use these for my girls lunches. Also when I cook my dried beans, I put the beans in there and freeze them. My shelf is a bit bowed but still works. My cabinets are original to my 1967 house and are still very sturdy and have tons of character. I am proud of my things.

Yes, there it is again. Old Tupperware. A basket (thrift shop find) to keep my to go coffee mugs lids in order. And clear Dollar Tree glass cups for the adults. All coffee mugs were gifts or prizes we won from my husbands work. Again notice the shelf? lol. Now you have peeked into my kitchen. I feel alot better now. My secret it out. Im a vintage Tupperware finatic. I just cant help myself. Next time you will see whats in my drawers. What do you think will be in there?

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