Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Be proud of what you have Part 2

Notice anything again? Yep, its Tupperware. From scoops, to egg seperators, to orange peelers. You can find anything in a thrift store. I use all these all the time. You might be wondering why I have Pampered Chef stuff in there. Well I had a part and invited all my friends and family. I earned enough credit for those items. Produce pick(holds produce while you slice it), bamboo spoons, and the silver oblong item is a apple corer.

Sometimes I find collections. Yellow Tupperware measuring cups. Still hunting for the rest. Ive had the same rolling pin since I was married. Orange measuring bowls were a gift from my best friend. Yes nothing matches in my house. Its not name brand. But I love every single thing I have. They are beautiful long lasting objects. When I see them, it brings back memories of my childhood. My mother dragging me to Tupperware parties and me begging her to buy those Tupperware stencils. And yes, I still have those and my name is on every single one of them. And yes, my kids use them all the time. I should be a Tupperware consultant huh? Well I thought of that but no. I like the old stinky Tupperware. The old ugly colors. My heart just gets pumping more and more when I think about it. I might have a problem......I dont like the new colors they have. Good news though, they have been bringing back the old Tupperware style but in new colors. The push lid on the drink pitchers, the cool old orange color, and much much more. Maybe I should rethink it. .. Hmmm
Next time its onto my baking cabinet. Your excited huh? Just expect Tupperware. Thats all im going to say. Until next time....

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