Thursday, April 16, 2009

Be proud of what you have Part 3

Well here you go. My baking cabinet. I was very lucky to find two large vintage Tupperware bowls with lids for only $1 a piece. I just love those. Far top right are the amazing 3pc baking bowls. Some rims are chipped but still work perfectly for my children. Bottom left are my baking pans. Aluminum vintage muffin tins, hand me down glass casserole dishes and a vintage white glass dish with lid. Kitchen Aid chopper bought 5 yrs ago new on clearance for $9 (originally $120) that still needs a blade. I know, I need to get one. Behind the light green ceramic bowl is a vintage popcorn popper. I use this every movie night. Nothing beats the smell, sounds and watching my kids try to peek over the counter to watch it just like I did as a child. Aluminum round cake pan from my wedding (10 yrs old) is still used every birthday. Clear blue bowls were gifts at my wedding. And last but not least a green round ceramic bowl with lid I just bought for myself at 75% off. I love it.

Now here is where im not exactly organized right now. My pantry Easter baskets (paid 25 cents for last week) and Easter candy is stashed away for now but will be gone soon. As you can see, my Tupperware addiction is in full swing. Bottom left is my vintage Tupperware cake carrier with handle. Mason jars everywhere. Crock pot is a must in any home. This was a Christmas gift to myself. I only paid $20 for it, its the largest one you can buy without a timer. Party bowls, seperated slots, and lids for them all. Of course im going to have a jello ring mold made by Tupperware. Not sure if you can see it but I also have a Tupperware bacon container and Tupperware lid holder that I need to put on the wall. Yep, vintage as well. You cant buy them and havent been able to for a long long time. One thing about my stuff is I can find anything at any moment. I love my stuff so much that no matter how unorganized I am, I can find it. I can tell you exactly where I found it, and how much I paid for it. Its like a well oiled vintage machine. It all works for me. My mother always told me that I was born a generation too late. And im starting to see it more and more.

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