Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!! Make money the greener way!

Happy Earth Day everyone! 
I wanted to introduce you to a amazing company. Terra cycle Inc.
TerraCycle Inc is paying you to send them your trash. Yes, I said it. Your trash. Do you buy a lot of drink pouches, cookie wrappers, Frito Lay chips, Kashi, Cliff bars, Bare Nakes, wine and yogurt? If you do, they will pay you for each one you send them. TerraCycle makes products from our waste. Its an amazing company that I could go on and on about.
They pay 2 cents-25 cents per item. Depending on which item you send them. This is a great way to teach your children how to reuse things. Maybe the kids can send their trash in, and then buy a item from the company. Just think of all the questions your little ones will come up with. This company is going to be huge and im supporting them all the way.

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