Thursday, April 23, 2009

Line dry for as little as $2 investment

There is 3 methods on how to make a line for only $2. Dollar Stores have wooden clothes pins for only $1 and you get a good amount of them. I needed 1 pack. Then they also sell the plastic type rope made just for clothes lines. Again only $1. All you have to provide is a hammer and long nails. Here are my 3 methods ive used over the years.
1. Extra wood or brace from a shelf nailed to the fence. Take take the rope and string it through. I add a nail or two in between them to in case I need the extra support (clothes can get heavy). Make sure you get it super tight and have no slack. It will sag a little over time so make sure you can undo it later and tighten it again. Your done. As you can see I took advantage of the under area and planted things under it.

#2. No brace or extra wood? Just hammer a nail in the fence, then do another at the other end. Make it as long as you want, just add a nail every 4ft or so for extra support. Then just tie the rope at one end and stretch it super tight to the last nail, then loop it around and bring it back to the first nail you tied it on. Tie it but make sure you can undo it so you can tighten it up again later. Done. This method takes a tiny it longer to dry because the are so close to the fence but it does work.

#3. No picture for this one but I did this at my last house. I took advantage of a side yard that we didnt use that had a fence around it. I took the rope and ran it from one side of the fence to the other, back and forth as many times as you want. Then just tied it off. It was kaddy corner. Then hung my clothes to dry. Depending on your type of fence, this is super easy to do. If you cannot tie it around the actual fence plank, then you can use nails again. This is a super easy method and good if you are renting because you dont leave nail marks on the fence. You can get alot of clothes on this method.

Other ways to hang dry clothes are the following:
1. Buy a collapsable wooden clothes rack. They are anything from $10-$15. You can use these anywhere. In your laundry room, or any dry place. I have mine outside and on my garden bench shelf. Its the only place my dog cannot get into and chew it up. You cannot put as much clothes on it but its perfect for appartments or condo's. You can often find these at thrift stores. The older ones are the better ones. They usually are all wooden. Mine is a newer one and is half wood and half cardboard tubes.
2. Plastic contraptions. You can find these plastic contraptions that hang from a hook in the ceiling. They have clips and are good for hanging your undies, bra's, etc.
3. Fence, play structure, etc. You can hang towells to dry on these. Ive even hung blankets off my girls play structure because they were too large for my line I made. My dog also cannot reach them.
You will save so much energy by doing this. I just love the smell of my clothing. They smell like the good old outdoors. Memories of my mother doing the same thing come flooding in. You can have a line anywhere, just get creative. Mine is above my plants on the fence around my garden. Yours can be along your house, a fence, or side yard. Just get creative.

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