Sunday, April 5, 2009

I dont.....

Managing my time is one of my down falls. To make my life easier and to get quality time with my 4 children and husband, I dont do many things. That sounds bad but it isnt. Here is my "I Dont.." list that makes my time go further. 

-I dont blow dry my hair, put make up on or spend more than 5 minutes on my outfit. Make up is for the once a year we go out together alone or to cheer myself up.
-I dont commute to a job. Im a homemaker. I walk anywhere I can. 
-I dont have a spotless house. Its tidy but not spotless. I have 4 kids and would be cleaning 24/7 if it was to stay spotless.
-I dont clean my childrens room's. After the age of 4, they clean their rooms. They are not allowed to have any fun time until their room passes my inspection.
-I dont prepare meals that would impress Martha Stewart. I do make everything from scratch but its home yummy meals. 
-I dont chauffeur my kids to several places each day. I walk them to and from school. Us parents take turns driving them to and from friends house's. 
-I dont insist on 24 hours together with the hubby. He has his "bike" time in the garage, I have my "blogging" time in the mornings. We respect each others times alone. 
-I dont micromanage my kids appearance. I let my kids choose their outfits and will only make them change if they resemble a clown.  I believe its who they are and their outfits reflect it.
-I dont read more than 1 book per child a day. Thats 4 books that I read with all them around me. Its our special time.
-I dont have any volunteer commitments. My children have soccer and thats it. 
-I dont give my kids a bath everyday. They get a bath as needed. My children do not like dirt thankfully. Soccer nights are a must. 
-I dont have a bed time ritual. Once we say "Bedtime!" , they are to have teeth brushed and in bed within 10 minutes. No questions asked. 
-I dont get my kids hair cut but maybe 1 time a year. Only when there is a super sale for $6.99 or less. Girls dont need theirs cut as often as boys. My husband cuts his own hair with a electric cutter. I only get my hair cut once a year. I trim my own.
-I dont need a newpaper. I get the weekly ad's and free magazines from blogging. I can get coupons from the internet or sent to me. 
-I dont do everything my children ask me to do when they want it. If I do, I do it while doing something else. Like watching them color , I clean my kitchen at the same time. Or make dinner while they are doing crafts. I stay busy.
-I dont spend more than 10 minutes on lunch. I make sandwiches, cut up fruit, and give them nuts. Easy and done within 10 minutes.
-I dont spend hours on the phone. Once every few days I call my mom but other than that, I only text. 
-I dont watch tv much. I have no cable or dish. We have regular tv with about 10 channels. I will watch it while folding laundry or just for background noise. 
-I dont go to the gym. I jog pushing my twins while my older girls are in school. I walk to and from the school to get the kids. I take walks alot with the kids. That is my work out. My hubby works out every morning at his job . They have a nice gym for anyone to use for free.
-I dont have alot of relatives so I dont drive to spend time with them much. Once a week I see my mother and occasionally I will see my sister. They live right by each other so I can kill two birds with one stone. Sorta speak. 
-I dont like ziplock bags. I only use them to freeze meats that were bought in large quanities.I will use paper, or foil(I will recycle it) to wrap them. We use fabric bags in our lunches for our sanwiches and Tupperware for everything else. I "DISLIKE" ziplock bags.
I feel better now that I got that off my chest. lol. No wait, I have one more. I dont feel bad about my "I Donts". Im not perfect and I make mistakes just like all of you. I try to lead by example for my children and live my life my way.  
You have any I Donts?

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