Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hey you tightwad! Can you be trusted?

Just how does one distinguish the practitioner of lifelong frugality from those drifting with the current fad? When visitin ghe homes of individuals in question use this handy checklist to record the telltale signs of a classic tightwad.

[]A scrubber made from a mesh onion bag
[]A squirt bottle of homemade window cleaner
[]A new soap bar with a soap sliver adhered
[]A bundle of old socks in the workshop to be used as grease rags.
[]A pair of pantyhose minus a bad leg.
[]A jug of vegetable broth in the refrigerator.
[]A 20 qrt box of powdered milk (used for only cooking is acceptable)
[]A roll of paper towels cut in half (or none at all, just fabric ones)
[]Any overturned bottle in the process of draining the last bit out.
[]A pencil less than three inches long
[]A marked-down crushed box of cold ceral
[]Any item repaired with a twist-tie, paperclip or hanger.
[]A shower curtain repaired with duck tape (or anything else for that matter)
[]A impressive stash of one of the following items:egg cartons, styrofoam meat trays, toilet paper tubes, or frozen juice lids.
[]A screwdriver with a tip that has been reground several times.
[]A started shopping list on the back of a utility bill envelope.
[]A stockpile of 44 cents per can tuna.
[]A started container of "refrigerator stew" in the freezer.
[]An indoor clothesline or a wooden dryer rack. 
[]In their freezer all you see are Orange mark down stickers
[]Chunks of banana's in a ziplock bag in the freezer
[]A storage system just for samples or freebies in the closset
[]Coupon organizer is bigger than your wallet

Any individual scoring 9 or higher is likely to be a genuine tightwad and can be trusted. I scored a 9 by the way. lol

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