Friday, April 24, 2009

Loss of job? Need to cut back? This list is for you!

Did you or a spouse lose your job? Need to start a savings but do not have extra money after bills are paid? Or maybe you just like to save money like me? Here is a list of super easy ways to save money. Most are fast ways to save money, but some are long term savings. Do not judge, just accept.

1. No soda, fancy coffee, bottled water, or energy drinks. Waste of money.
2. No paper towels. Use fabric napkins.
3. No a/c. Morning just open your windows all the way. Shut as soon as sun comes up. Close your drapes.
4. Keep thermostat at 60. Wear socks and sweatshirts.
5. During winter, keep drapes open when its sunny. Close when its not.
6. Pay bills over the internet. Saves on stamps and theft.
7. Think twice before you buy. Do I really need it? Or think about it and come back later. Chances are you wont.
8. Walk. Those 2 things on your legs called feet? Yep those will help you walk. Saves on gas. Good for everything.
9. Dont buy cleaners. Make your own. Fill spray bottle with water and a tiny bit of vinegar. Does not smell when dry.
10. No cable, dish, net flicks, nothing. You dont need it. Red box has free movie code every Monday on blogs. Use different debit cards and get more than 1.
11. Buy 2nd hand everything possible.
12. Wear clothes more than once before washing.
13. Designate a towel to each person in your home. Wash once a week.
14. Use your library. Free books, movies, etc. Remember to return them on time.
15. Line dry your clothes. If you dont like your jeans scratchy, just dry them outside until almost done, then throw in dryer for 5 minutes. No more scratchy.
16.Do not eat out.
17. Pack your own lunches.
18. Use cold water in your washer.
19. Unplug everything when not being used.
20. Buy after season sales. Buy seasonal clothes for your family in the size they will be in 1 year.
21. Get to know mark down area's in each store. Visit them 1st. Anything in them will be marked down 50% off.
22.No lights on till dark. Just open your drapes/blinds.
23. No shaving cream-just use soap
24. No land line phone. Cheaper to own a cell. Search for the best deal.
25. Buy meat markdowns or sales only. I will not pay more than $1 per lb for any meat. I feed a family of 6 and this can be done. Plus you get a variety of meats to choose from. Get to know your mark down area in each store. Separate and freeze when you get home.
26. Start a garden. Store bought potato's, tomato's, green peppers can be used to start them. Just wait till potato's get to growing. Tomato seeds strained and dried. Peppers seeds taken out to dry.
26. Freebies/samples used. Yes, you can use those. Husband travels and keeps soaps/shampoo/conditioners for us. I use them. Have not bought bar of soap a long time. Use them. They really do add up.
27. Skip mouth wash. Use hydrogen peroxide. This keeps your teeth white and does not taste. It taste like water. Swish for 30 seconds. $4.50 a bottle or $1.00 a bottle? You choose.
28. Children school hand outs. If one side is empty, use it to print on. Less paper you have to buy.
29. No chips, fancy crackers, or cookies. Instead buy bulk nuts, and dried fruit. Make your own muffins or cookies.
30. Buy in bulk first always. These days even shampoo or soap can be bought in bulk. Just look for it.
31. Look up a recipe instead of buying a boxed meal. Hamburger helper is made with noodles, water, seasonings and meat. No brainer. Try making it instead of buying boxed food stuffed with preservatives and other things I cannot even spell.
32. Use condiment small packs. Katsup, mustard, soy sauce, and much more. This will save you a tiny bit.
33. Try sweeping your drive way instead of using your water hose.
34. Try blending frozen banana's with a little milk for homemade ice cream. Much cheaper than $5 ice cream.
35. Dilute your shampoo and conditioner down. Works just as well.
36. Buy store brands only unless name brand is cheaper.
37. Need medicine? Try all natural methods. Just look it up on google. Or try This is my go to site.
38.  Express to friends, family and neighbors that you are on the hunt for "instert here". You would be suprised who would give you it.
39.  Ask friends and family if they know of any outlets or programs to help people in need. Someone always knows of someplace.
40.  Dont step foot into a store unless you need to. Temptation is a powerful thing.
41. Let it be your best friend. They have everything you need for free. Find your nearest local group and have fun!
42. Internet is optional. If you have a computer at work, cut your internet bill. Local libraries have them too. This is a $10 or more savings each month. But some would argue (me) there is alot of benefits to having internet service. Like my blog! 
43. Use what you have. Dont have sugar? There are other things you can do to make up for that when baking. Just try for no sugar recipe's. You can last a while without sugar.
44. Try emailing all your favorite brands and giving them a compliment. You would be suprised who sends you coupons for free product. Sunny D just sent me one. Note: Dont expect anything though. This is a good way to express how much you love them.
45. has tons of things to get for free. Plus forums on everything you can think of. Great moms with great advise.
46. No movie night, bowling, miniture golf, nothing. Try to think of fun free stuff. Board game night, picnic's, game systems, etc. Rethink your thinking.
47. Garage sales. There usually is a free box at garage sales, check them out. You might find that spatula you been wanting. Never know whats in them. I find alot of my Tupperware lids in them. 
48.  Last but not least check my blog everyday. Its my goal to get you the actual free stuff, super easy recipe's and every way to save money as possible.  Im here for you. Just email me if you need anything at all. Promise!

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Those were a lot of great tips. Thanks again!