Tuesday, January 10, 2012

$50 a week

Todays my birthday so im taking the day off and spending time with my family.  But I made sure you would have something to read. Have a wonderful day!

 Starting this month my husband will be getting paid every two weeks like normal people.  So I'm not sure how this will play out. Might take me a few weeks to adjust my budget plan.

Grocery Outlet

$2.52 Cheese
$2.52 Cheese
$5.99 Conditioner (usually $10 in stores)


New Season's

$4.92 Bulk Organic Brown Rice
$3.51 Bulk Taco Seasoning ($12.99 per lb trying it out)
$1.42 Bulk Organic Green Lentils (sale price $1.50 per lb)
$4.99 Organic Milk 2%
$1.46 Organic Celery
$3.99 Ground Pork natural
$4.31 Ground Beef 20% natural
$2.89 Chicken Drumsticks natural

Total minus bag credit (5 cents) =$27.44

Whole Foods

$5.49 Olive Oil
$3.99 Recycled bathroom toilet paper (not pictured) 8ct
$1.47 Bulk Organic Yellow Split Pea
$3.98 Veg Fed free range eggs 2 dozen
$1.49 Sunshine Dairy Half n Half (local company)
$1.91 Bulk Organic Black Eye Pea
FREE 3 banana's for my girls. Kids club lets them take a free piece of fruit each visit. If you have many kids I would check this out.


Donated bag credit to local charity.

What put me over the top was the olive oil.  I forgot to pick up some on my big shop day so lesson learned. We still have plenty of apples from last week so I didn't have to buy any fruit.   Once I came home I put all bulk items into glass for storage. 

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