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February Garden News

If you live in the North West then you need this book.  I can't tell you enough about how this book has helped me.  It is divided month by month and tells you what to plant and when. Plus its packed with amazing garden tips and resources. $14.95 and worth every penny. If you cannot afford it then keep reading my blog. I will have a post each month telling you what to plant and where. Your welcome!

February Garden News

Sow Outdoors
Vegetables and Herbs

Late February-Very hardy vegetables can stand temps down to 25 degree's with little damage.  A cloche is sometimes useful but not necessary.

Carrot Family
Chervil: Brussels Winter, Turnip-Rooted
Sweet Cicely

Flax Family
Flax, Edible:Golden

Mustard Family
Arugula, Rustic:Arugula Sylvatica
Radishes: French Breakfast, Fluo, Easter Egg, White Icicle

Onion Family
Garlic (cloves): Italian Red, California Early, Polish White, Silver Rose
Shallots(bulbs)-French Grey, Frog's Leg, French Red
Potato Onions (bulbs)
Onion Sets-(for green onions)

Pea Family
Fava Beans-Aquadulce, Bonnie Lad, The Sutton, Broad Windsor, Green Windsor, Random Lilac, Mr.Barton's
Snow Peas-Oregon Giant, Oregon Sugar Pod, Carouby De Maussane, Golden Sweet, Dwarf Grey Sugar
Shelling Peas-Petit Pois, Waverex, Maestro, Oregon Trail, Early Sweet, Olympia
Soup Peas-Capucijiner's, Bill Jumps Soup, Holland Brown

Sow in Cloche
Late February

Beet Family
Beets-Detroit Dark Red, Chioggia, Early Wonder, Kestral
Spinach-Winter Bloomsdale, Olympia, Skookum

Carrot Family
Cilantro-Long Leaved, Santo

Mustard Family
Broccoli Raab-Spring Raab
Cress-Curly, Broadleaf
Chinese Cabbage-Nerva
Mustard-Green Wave, Red Giant, Mizuna
Radishes-Cherry Belle, French Breakfast, Easter Egg, Fluo
Turnips-Tokyo Market, Ohno Scarlet, White Egg
Oriental Greens-Pac Choi, Joi Choi, Tah Tsai, Komatsu-na

Purslane Family
Miner's Lettuce

Sunflower Family
Endive-Friscee, President, Perfect
Lettuce-Red Sails, Brune D'Hiver, Perella, Rubens Red Romaine, Simpson

Pea Family

Start Indoors to Transplant
Late February is the beginning of sowing seads for spring and summer.  Most will not be planted till April/May/June.  Many of these take a long time to mature so its a good idea to start seeds early.  Direct sowing will result in a low harvest. 

Herbs and Vegetables

Beet Family
Good King Henry

Buckwheat Family
Garden Sorrel
Rhubarb-Glaskins Perpetual, Victoria

Carrot Family
Celeriac-Brilliant, Diamant, Giant Prague, Dolvi
Celery-Utah, Red Stalk, Ventura
Cutting Celery-Heung Kunn, Dinant, Amsterdam Fine, Mitsuba
Finnocchio-Romy, Perfection
Persley-Italian Flat, Gigante D'Italia, Moss Curled, Krausa

Onion Family
Chives-Grolau, Pink Flowered, Common
Garlic Chives-Allium Tuberosum
Broadleaf Chives-Allium Senescens
Leeks-Early Tall Varieties, Varna, Otina, Splendid, Le Lyon
Onions-Ailsa Craig, Italian Red Torpedo, Blanco Duro

Lily Family
Asparagas-Conover's Colossal, U.C.157, Waltham

Mustard Family
Broccoli-Calabrese, Premium Crop, Tomenesco, Umpqua, Rosiland, Decicco, shogun
Cabbage-Derby Day, Early Jersey Wakefield, Golden Acre, Red Acre, Salarite
Cauliflower-Early Snowball, Snow Crown, Ravella

Nightshade Family
Eggplant-Little Fingers, Ichiban, Short Tom, Long Tom, Violetta Di Firenze, No.226, Neon, Orient Express
Sweet Peppers-Early Cal Wonder, Northstar, Lilac Bell, Gypsy, Banana Supreme, Cubanelle, Marconi, Golden Summit, Antohi Romanian, Corono Di Toro, Klari Baby
Hot peppers-Super Cayenne, Czech Black, Riot, Sure-Fire, Bulgarian Carrot, Early Jalapeno
Slicing Tomatoes-Stupice, Kootenai, Siberian, Oregon Spring, Celebrity, Slava, Saltspring Sunrise, Seattles Best, Yellow Brandywine, Black Krim, Green Zebra, Mr.Stripey, Persimmon, Dona, Oregon Spring, Muskovish, Gregoris Altai, Early Swedish, Golden Treasure, Glory of Moldova
Cherry Tomatoes-Gardener's Delight, Sweet Million, Yellow Pear, Galina, Sungold, Peacavine, Rose Quartz, Gold Nugget, Principe Borghese.
Paste Tomatoes-Monix, Almertia, Viva Italia, Oregon Pride, Milano, Oroma

Sunflower Family
Endive-Frisee, Perfect
Dandelion-Montmogny, Emeliore
Lettuce-Sucrine, Capitaine, Freckles, Fairellenshleusse, Merveille Des Quatre Saisons, Reine Des Glaces, Brunia.

Are you excited yet? I AM!!!!!!

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