Saturday, January 28, 2012

January Food Budget $250.11

Franz Outlet

$5 Blueberry/onion/cinnamon bagels 5/$5
$4 English Muffins 5/$4
FREE-Butter rolls when you spend over $8

I know I know. Plastic. Yuck. Arg! Less packaging than a box of cereal. My kids eat these for breakfast everyday. Franz Outlet sells stuff that will be expiring soon. I simply toss them in the freezer and bring one out when we need it.  I would love to learn how to make them but I would be baking 24 hours a day because I have four kids who love these.

To be fair I only went to the store this time to get my husband some Airborne. But I came out with these. They had some super deals and I had to stock up on them while they were cheap.


$3.98 Organic Valley Half n Half
Expiring soon so we will use it to make ice cream. Treat for the girls. These retail over $4 usually.

$9.95 Egglands Best Organic Eggs 5 dozen
These are expiring soon so my girls will eat hard boiled eggs for snacks, egg sandwiches, egg, egg, egg etc. Have at it girls! These retail over $4 each usually.

$3.98 Lunch Meat 2 packs
My husband seems to think we have nothing to eat in the house if we don't have some lunch meat in the fridge. Don't know why but he does. He prefers this style so I get it while its cheap. Usually retails over $4 each but were on sale for $1.99 each. Tossing them in the freezer

$1.75 Banana's
Black spotted banana's they sell for cheap in these bags. Only .38 cents a pound.  My girls prefer eating spotted banana's and they can freeze easily for banana bread later.

$3.96 Bagged Almonds 16 oz bag.
Don't like bagged anything but for .99 cents a bag we will eat them.  My daughter just requested almonds today so she was stoked I found them. Not happy about having to shell them.

$1.99 Orange Juice
I never buy this ever. But I thought the girls would like a treat in the morning with their breakfast.  I compared and they were selling frozen juice for the same price. Plus I think the girls would love to make a bird feeder out of the carton.

$1.99 Alpenrose Sour Cream
Locally made and were addicted to sour cream. We will never ever not have sour cream at my house. Yum.

$.99 Chestnuts
Ive never had these so this should be fun. They were getting rid of all their nuts because they were a seasonal item. 


Last but not least here are my goodies I found at my local Goodwill Store (not the outlet this time).

TO BE FAIR my daughter wanted to stop by to see if they had any cool shoes. She has grown like a week and were on the hunt for new ones. But we didn't find any so we strolled around looking at stuff.
I saw these lovely large glass jars and was super excited. I paid $12 for 4 of these from Azure Standard and they didn't even come with lids. Those you had to order separate for another $4! These lovely puppies were only .99 cents each!!!! OH my oh my.

Then I found a large metal clasp type glass jar for $1.99. It didn't have the rubber seal but I didn't need one.  Years ago I was in a little thrift store and they were selling these rubber seal packs.  They are super old but in new condition. I didn't need them but I think I spent about a quarter on them.  I haven't seen them selling rubber seals in the stores so I snagged them just in case.  Woot!!!

Last but not least I found another mug. I need another mug like I need another hole in my head. So of course I bought it. There is a old man standing near a horse on it. The old man looks like my grandpa. If he was a cowboy which he wasn't.  If he owned a horse which he didn't. I will think of him each time I drink from it. At .99 cents it was MINE.

Oh yeah my friend Beth gave me this cute little gift pack. I drooled over them for a long time but didn't want to pay the $20 price tag. Well Beth works at Whole Foods and hooked me up with this. She said she just couldn't get rid of them. No one wanted to buy them. So for research purposes she gave me one. So I will review it. And love every second of it. I love me a pumice bar and REALLY love foot shaped soap.

Okay that's all.


Robj98168 said...

Great buys. Love the franz outlet. You can reuse those bags for various things too. I have a dog so my re-use is ... err natural.

Sarah Arkwright said...

I admit it... I'm jealous of your jars...