Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Peanut butter bird feeders

Birds have a harder time finding food during the winter.  This would be a fun project with the kids.  It only takes a few items to make this cute bird feeder. Make sure to remind the kids to check it each morning and watch the birds eat off of it. Better yet hang it somewhere near a window that the kids can easily watch.
What you will need:
1. Pine cones
2. Ribbon (left over from project)
3. Peanut Butter (I used my homemade)
4. Small bird seed
5. Butter Knife

Tie a loop onto the pinecone. It's important you do this first otherwise you will have peanut butter all over and make a mess.
Next you smear peanut butter all over the outside of the pine cone.  Make sure to work the peanut butter into the pinecone and don't forget the bottom.
Last step is to roll the pine cone in bird seed until all the peanut butter is covered and not showing.  Now your done. See, that was a easy peasy project!

I would not recommend hanging these during the summer because the peanut butter will melt.  Also remember to hang up high away from dogs or cats.  Dogs will love to eat it and the cats will try to eat the birds who will be eating.  I used small seed to attract the smaller birds. 


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