Thursday, January 12, 2012

Secrets in my closet

I have about two dozen of these things.  Essential oils make me happy.  I use them to make room spray, homemade vapor rub,  lip balm, and even my shampoo. 
If you don't have the money to go out and buy all your favorite essential oils, no need to worry. 

-Always check the clearance aisle.  Big Sur and White Sage I picked up for 50% off. Whole Foods only carries these at Christmas and get rid of them after the holiday.

-Buy one when you can.  I started off buying the less expensive ones only once a payday.  I recommend sweet orange first because its the least expensive and a bang for your buck.  Love sweet orange!

-Some are cheaper through Azure Standard. You might check around the Internet and compare prices.

-Gifts! Ask for these things on your birthday or holidays.  This will save you a bundle because its no money out of your pocket.  Just tell your loved ones you want these and let them pick them out.  Its fun to try new scents out.

When I have extra money I usually will buy some glass or metal containers.  I use spray bottles to make my own room spray.  Just fill with water and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil combinations.  Simply shake before you spray.  I also make my own lip balm and glass lip balm containers are cheap.  My favorite are blue glass so I snag those when I see them.  These usually cost from $1-$3. Remember these will last forever and can be used over and over again.

Sometimes I will invest in other products.  Years ago I found this green clay for pretty cheap.  I use it to make my own soaps and sometimes even add it to my face soap to freshen up my skin.  Cocoa butter is my recent purchase.  It was half price! Adds a lovely addition to my lip balm.  If you don't want to invest much money try going in on the purchase with a friend. 
Last year we made lots of our holiday gifts so I invested in a few oils.  I had purchased a Chinook Book which had great coupons on Aurora Cacia oils.  I asked a few friends if I could have their coupons if they were not using them and then purchased the oils I needed.  These last a long time and worth the investment.  I made bath salts, lip balms and even scented body oils. Witch Hazel is a great product to have as well.  I use a witch hazel and rose water combination as my toner.  I store this in a pretty blue spray bottle of course!
I do purchase already made products as well.  But have to be cheap or I will not buy them.  Joint Rescue was half price and I can see why.  It smells nice but I have not seen or felt real results from it.  Ricola cough drops are my girls favorite and great for on the go.  The spray is my favorite.  Anytime I have a sore muscle I simply spray this and it brings relief right away and even last for about 20 minutes.  Tried making it myself but didn't work.  And then you have Badger Balm.  When we cleaned my grandmother's home out I found this.  It was brand new and I wanted to get this for sometime now. Thanks Gram. Miss you.
Last but not least is my Neti Pot.  We use this anytime we are sick.  I invested in this pretty ceramic pot because I really dislike plastic.  Should last forever unless my kids decide to drop it.  As I write this post I noticed the antibacterial bottle.  We do not use this product and it was requested by one of my daughters teachers in the beginning of the year.  My girls cannot use this due to their eczema and instead wash their hands with soap and water. This was returned to us after the end of the year and some how ended up in the closet.

So there you go.  Isn't it fun looking in others people's closet?  Only this time you don't have to sneak a peek.  Don't deny it. Everyone does it!

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