Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hamburger gravy and mashed potatoes

A reader requested I share my meals on here. So here we go.

Organic mashed potatoes 2.5lbs     $1.50
Organic carrots I canned     $1.00
Hamburger gravy home made  (ground beef,flour,milk)  $2.50
Grand total is    $5.00
And as promised (new years resolution)  im drinking water with my Glass Dharma Straw of course! Only the best glass straws ever!

I made a simple gravy where you take your meat and cook it up.  I then add either butter or a little olive oil and let it melt.  I then sprinkle in a little flour and let it cook the flour up. I repeat that until you can no longer add anymore flour.  Then little by little I add some milk and mix. I do this until I get the thickness of the gravy I want. Pretty simple recipe that I use with any gravy with meat or not.  To add a little flavor you can add any herbs or seasonings you want.
Side note: My mother made this gravy but put it on top of toast. It was our favorite because it was called "Shit on a shingle".  This was a cheap and frugal dinner that we ate a lot.  I still love it.

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Deanna said...

My mom used to make that and I really liked it. Haven't had it in YEARS.