Friday, January 6, 2012

Funktastic garden wish list

My seed catalog finally came in. WOOT WOOT!!! Territorial Seed Company is a Oregon seed company I have used for many years now.  You can check their site out and request a catalog to drool over. Remember when you were a kid and your Toys R Us catalog came in the paper? That's exactly the feeling I get when I get my seed catalog in the mail.  Can you say excited? Whooo hooo! The top way I get my kids to help out in the garden is to grow the most funky plants I can find.  They just love helping me in the garden and cant wait to eat them once they are ready. 
If anyone wants to buy me any of these I would be okay with that....Its my birthday this week...just sayin....

Here we go


Speedy, Nash, Blue Lake Pole, Kentucky Blue, Oriental Wonder, Sunset and Red Noodle Long (pictured above).  Seriously how cool are those beans!!!!!

Brussels Sprout
Ive never grown any and these Roodneff look so yummy.

Last year I grew it but only was able to harvest a handful.  This year I am determined to have a full harvest in one way or another. 

Last year I grew carnival carrots.  I have to admit they were so beautiful and added so much color to our dishes.  But they were so small and I only harvested about a pound of them. Not worth my money.  So this year I want to grow romance carrots.  These are not your typical carrots because of the size and shape but should be larger than the carnival ones. 

I thought I would be cool and grow some Sunset cauliflower.  Well what I ended up with was orange cauliflower that I didn't know when to pick and eventually over grew and was not edible.  This year I will go traditional and just grow white snow cauliflower. 

Ive grown regular cantaloupe before with success (although small) and thought the kids would get a kick out of watching these grow.  How cool are these? Want!

Ive grown standard squash my whole life and I'm pretty bored with them.  My kids rarely will even eat them because they are so boring.  So I will take a different approach to these and grow funny shaped ones.  The kids should eat these up with no problem. 

Zebra Cherry (pictured above), Koralik, Pineapple and Old Germans are tomatoes I really want to grow.  These would be eaten fresh only so my girls can enjoy the beauty and taste.  The tomatoes readily available everywhere will be used to make tomato sauce which I will can myself.

So whats on your want list? Any funky plants?  How do you get your kids to garden with you?

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