Monday, January 9, 2012

January Garden News

JANUARY-witch hazel pictured above

It's time to start going through your seeds from last season and thumbing through garden catalogs to find what you need to buy.  It's my favorite time of the year!!!! To make it a little easier for you I have a great list of seed companies and seed tips that will be sure to help you out.

Seed Houses

Abundant Life Seed Saginaw Or
Horizon Herbs Williams Or
Territorial Seed Company Cottage Grove Or*MY FAVORITE*

Other great seed houses
Bountiful Gardens Willits Ca
Companion Plants Athens Oh
The Cook's Garden Warminster Pa
Fedco Seeds Waterville Me
Filaree Farm Okanogan Wa
Larner Seeds Bolinas Ca
Pinetree Garden Seeds New Gloucester Me
Richter's Herbs Ontario Canada
Salt Spring Seeds Salt Spring Island B.C.
Seed Savers Exchange Decorah Ia $30 membership. Free seeds
Seeds of Change Santa Fe Nm


*Use good potting mix because seeds push up out of the soil and heavy soil impede's their imminent emergence.
*Cover the seeds with soil depth of 3 times the thickness of the seed.
*Keep soil evenly moist until seed leaves emerge.  To prevent damping off diseases, remove the covering immediately after the seed leaves emerge.
*Once seed leaves emerge water less.  Let the surface of the soil dry out between watering.  This reduces disease.

Things you can sow indoors in the North West:
Onion Family-
Leeks-Varna, Otina, Splendid, Le Lyon
Onions-Copra, Simcoe, Buffalo, Stuttgarter

Sunflower Family
Artichoke-Imperial Star, Northern Star, Green Glove
Endive-President, Perfect
Lettuce-Winter Density, Little Gem, Rouge D'Hiver, Perella, Capitaine, Rougette Du Midi

Rose Family
Alpine Strawberry

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