Saturday, January 21, 2012

Zit faced and awkward

My cute chicks are turning into zit faced teenagers. Just look at them. Baby feathers coming out and big girl feathers coming in.  They are very much like my oldest daughter.  Awkward and still growing.  They are very curious and are really obsessed with digging holes to get to they yellow paper under the cedar bedding. Each day I have to sweep around the crate because they kick cedar everywhere.
Every morning I come to uncover them and tell them "Good morning ladies".  And each morning they are at the door waiting for me. I put my hand in making sure I touch each of them.  They now love to just hang out by my hand.  But I'm staring to notice something.

They are getting their big girl feathers and losing their baby soft feathers. Makes me sad.  My babies are growing up. 
Oh my! Just look at Jenny.  What a mess she is. Baby cute still but oh how her hair is a mess. Honey you need to brush that hair if your going out of the house.
Lucy went from cute and yellow to red high lights.  She is still adorable though and such a snuggle bug.  My daughter found a book with a red chicken on it and firmly believes it was written for Lucy.
And Lulu oh sweet Lulu.  She is the smallest but should grow up to be the largest of the gals.  I don't see much big girl feathers but she is getting her white feathers in her wings.  She is the sweetest of the bunch. Every time I open the door she wants to snuggle with mama.
Sorry for the crappy picture but its hard to take a picture one handed.  Lulu is laying down snuggling in my arms.  Oh Lulu how I love when you do this.  Melts my heart.

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Sarah Arkwright said...

Just wait until they molt for the first time. I had one that lost so many feathers she looked ready to pop into a hot oven. It's been 4 months and she still has a bald patch.